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    Memorable Menus

    Extraordinary and unique menus created by passionate chefs. We only do 1-offs. Our chefs cook the food that makes their creative juices flow. If you enjoy eating delicious local, seasonal food and you're looking for a dining expereince that's a bit special, then find us at our next event - we're the ones that stand out from the flock.

    Special Locations

    As a pop-up enterprise, we can choose our venues and like to look for something that stands out. Our venues are all around the country and are beautiful, interesting and welcoming. Become a member or follow us to be the first to find out where we're popping up next.

    One-off Events

    We're a pop-up events shop. We do things differently - and we don't do it twice. And why do we do it? Becasue it's such fun when it's done right. So we plan, prepare and practise so that every event we do is a truly memorable experience for you.

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    A Feast with Friends

    Borris House

    Saturday 2nd March 2024

    The Black Sheep is very pleased to bring Paul and his team back to the ballroom at Borris House for an exclusive evening of delicious food and wine with friends in wonderful surroundings.
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    Do you stand out from the flock?

    Showcase your talents with Black Sheep Events

    We're on the lookout for interesting events to put on. If you've got something special that you want to showcase, please get in touch.
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